Say Goodbye to Cracked Heels with Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum

Give your heels a chance, with Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum, designed to optimise the treatment of extreme heel dryness and restore skin properties.

  • Visible results in 1 day

  • Contains 30% urea – the highest content available!

  • Consecutive winner at the Best in Beauty Awards 2021 & 2022

It’s time to say goodbye to cracked heels and hello to Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum!

Feel relief from your very first application all thanks to our signature formula of a highly concentrated blend of selected ingredients combined within a rich emollient base to provide faster and more effective skin regeneration.

Next generation formula

For more effective performance and fast results, choose our Heel Balm Platinum, with 30% Urea to keep skin smooth and supple, 9 emollients and formulated with ingredients such as amino acids to mimic the skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF), which is the skin’s natural protection shield against dehydration.

Re-balance the moisture content of your skin

When searching for relief choose the best heel balm that focuses on rebalancing the moisture content of your skin. Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum contains 30% urea, which works to make the skin smooth and supple, helping to naturally stabilise the skin’s barrier function and loosen flaky layers of skin.

Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum is diabetes-friendly, with a 67.8% increase in hydration within 1 week, and visible results in 1 day. Not only is our balm the best acting heel balm available in pharmacies, it is clinically tested and podiatrist recommended.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with your pharmacist or healthcare professional.




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